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Client Testimonial

"GREAT JOB. Thanks for taking the time to walk the property with us. It was VERY helpful. Made reading your report easy and quick. I've never had an inspector do that before".

Tom Herskowitz 2/6/23

"Thank you for being so thorough with the inspection".

Tracy McMaster 9/15/22

"Thank you! You did such a great job."

Alex Johnson 8/10/22

"Bill, I wanted to take a minute to thank you so much for supporting our housing inspection while we are overseas.

As you know, I am in Acquisitions for NANSAC, the construction and service arm for shore support for the U.S. Navy. and I have been in the business for 30 years. I.m so impressed with the detail and thoroughness of your inspection. And am so grateful that there are still good, honest, reliable, high quality professionals like you who are highly knowledgeable and skilled.

Your inspections and reports drove our decisions on the previous cancellation and this purchase of these properties. We are very grateful for your efforts.... Thank you again for your help".

Maria, Dmitry and Alexander 3/16/22


"Hi Bill and good morning! Thank you so much for your time yesterday! I really appreciate the attention to detail and hard work. Have a wonderful day and a great weekend!"

Jessica Richmond 2/11/22


"Thank you so much for your time today! We really appreciate you explaining every little detail with us".

Kirk & Rachelle Valle 9/10/21


"Awesome inspection. Thank you Bill."

Brandon Davis 8/29/21.

"Thank you Bill for making us aware of any issues that could arise as well as how our house will function for us. We definitely feel more confident about being in our new house..."

Tatiana Pelegree 7/19/21

"Thank you Bill. I appreciate the time you took to explain everything".

Andrew Bearden 4/17/21

"Thank you so much Bill. You are the best".

Gerrica Frankfurth 3/29/21

"You are the best!"

Ramona Eichorn 2/24/21

"Thanks for the detailed and extensive report. Just finished reading it. Very well done and documented".

Shou-Chen Lin 2/13/21

"Hello Bill. Thank you so much. "your inspection was very, very helpful. You're demeanor is awesome".

Nate Burd 2/12/21

"Bill, Thank you very much for the report and your professionalism yesterday. It was a comfort to have you working for us". Timothy Bassell 10/25/20

"Thank you, Bill!. It was really my pleasure to meet you yesterday and I appreciated how you walked me through the inspection process".

Bella Suavengco 9/16/20

"Thank you so much for your professionalism and efficiency".

7/11/20 Sunny Harvey

"Thank you so much! I appreciate your time answering my questions and walking me through your process". Britt Ifergan 7/9/20

"Thank you so much for coming out to do the inspection last Friday and for sending the report so quickly. We appreciate your thoroughness and are very glad to have your opinions on the state of the condo".

Karen Kawasaki 6/15/20


"Thanks so much Bill. Great Work!"

Tina Chang & Brandon Rampani 5/26/20


"Thank you Bill. It was a pleasure meeting you and appreciate your thorough work".

Beverly Sumwalt 5/21/20

"Hi Bill. Thanks for the efficient report and your expertise". Mike Tenerowicz 3/11/20.


"Many Thanks (Bill). (The inspection) was super fantastic, informative and an extreme pleasure to work with you... Thank you as well for the fast turnover..." Itay Friedman 1/17/20.

"Thanks Bill. We appreciate the good work". Jimmie Slack 1/3/20


"Thank you Bill for your thorough and prompt report! It was a pleasure meeting you!".

Brian & Linda Scott 1/22/19


"Thank you for doing such a good job yesterday!For being so thorough and helping me understand everything. Much appreciated!"

Tiffini Baumgart 8/2018


"Thank you so much for all your help and services. I greatly appreciate your time and expertise".

Caesar Macapagal 8/10/19


"Thank you!. You did a fantastic job. We really appreciate you".

Steven Hillan 7/6/19


"Received (the report), thank you. It is incredibly thorough. I appreciate your service".

Kimberly Manley 6/20/19


"Just wanted to thank you for being such a professional"

AG 5/10/19


"Bill, Thank you, it was a pleasure meeting you, we really appreciate the time you took with us explaining everything."

Diane Haworth 5/15/19


"Thank you Bill. We are so very grateful for your thoroughness and extremely detailed examination and report of the home. We greatly appreciate your assistance.... Our sincere pleasure working with you."

Ronnie and Cindy Butler 3/17/19








“Thank you very much Bill! Will be sure to recommend you to our friends as well!”

—Matt McGrath 7/24/18

“Thanks so much Bill. Really appreciate your time yesterday walking through and explaining everything to us.”

—Melissa 5/27/18

“Many thanks again for doing our inspection. Thank you also for getting this report over to us so quickly. It was a pleasure meeting you and I am sure we will be seeing you again...”

—Bianca 5/24/18

“Thank you Bill. Very complete inspection. Thank you for the walk through. Really helped to visualize what's on the report.”

—Debra Conte 5/11/18

“I forgot to thank you for such a good and thorough job. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain things to me. That was a huge help to me. I also appreciate the very detailed report.”

—Michael Gogarty 5/9/18

“Thank so much for showing up so quickly and the timeliness of the provided report and assessment.”

—Michael Rodola 2/16/18

“I appreciate your thorough analysis and the detailed information on your report. Your professionalism is worth every penny and I am happy to have worked with you. Anthony was correct when recommending you...”

—Candan Ustun 2/2/18

“Thank you so much for the great report. Very detailed. I appreciate the hard work!”

—Vivianne France Ramirez 1/7/18

“You are awesome.”

—Wendy Moler-Lewis 12/14/17

“Thank you for taking the time with my buyers today. They are first time buyers .... and you helped them understand how it works.”

—Carl Anderson 11/1/17

“Good morning Bill. Thank you very much for your assistance with the home inspection. Rebeca and I could not have asked for a more professional and thorough job.”

—Arturo Martinez 8/23/2017

“...thanks Bill for an excellent and thorough inspection.”

—Joshua 5/24/2017

“Thank you for your time Bill. We all felt you were very thorough and very kind to be patient with us yesterday.”

—Stacey Stowell 4/8/2017

“It was nice to meet you yesterday. Thanks for such a thorough report.”

—Susanne Arthur 3/1/17

“Thank you Bill for doing such a great job! You are the best.”

—Earnest Jones 2/26/17

“Thanks Bill. I really enjoyed your professionalism and detailed analysis. I would love to recommend you to my clients.”

—Paul Johnson 1/7/17

“Thank you Bill. It was a pleasure working with you. I appreciate your input and thorough inspection.”

—Royya Modir 1/5/17

“Thanks so much, Bill!. Great to meet you. We appreciate you explaining everything to us.”

—Lindsay Summers 12/2/16

“Bill, Thank you for your thorough home inspection and thorough report.”

—Arnaud Pate-Cazal 10/18/16

“Bill: Abby and I both appreciate your thoughtful inspection and professionalism yesterday. If you do online reviews anywhere let us know where Abby and I can leave you a five star review.”

—Nick Brauns 9/20/16

“Hi Bill, Thank you. We really appreciate your thorough and honest assessment of the home.”

—Freddie and Tasha Koonce 8/20/16

“Thank you so much Bill for doing our inspection. I really appreciate your thoroughness and insight. Also, thank you for your plumbing referrals! All the best to you and your daughter. I certainly will know who to call if I or anyone I know is ever in need of a home inspection.”

—Rez 8/13/16

“Thank you for being so thorough...”

—Ramona Eichhorn 8/19/15

“Bill, Thank you, money well spent. We appreciate your findings/results.”

—Greg & Flora Lanza 8/5/15

“Thank you Bill for getting the report to me so fast, you are the greatest.”

—Darlene Radek 7/13/15

“Bill, Thank you so much and as always your reports are detailed and very comprehensive.”

—Ruth Pugh 7/1/15

“Hi Bill. I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I appreciate you jumping in to help with the _____ situation. Not everyone would be able to get out to the property so quickly and turn the report around so speedy. I really do appreciate you. Thank you for everything......”

—Suzanne Coleman 3/18/15

“Thank you so much Bill!. We are so impressed with the thoroughness of your inspection and all the information in this report. It is so helpful to have the photos to look at too. Thanks again.”

—Heidi Thomas 12/5/14

“Hi Bill. Thank you very much for this comprehensive report. Great work.”

—Dan Montillano 10/6/14

“Thank you, Bill. As usual, a thorough, informative, and prompt report. Of course, it's the manner in which you interpret and present it that we most appreciate. Assuming we complete this purchase, we're taking a bit of a leap. Part of that leap is into the history of an 80 year old home. .... It is a beautiful old home and we hope with your input to now be able to be its future caretakers.”

—Patrick Mitchell 8/30/14

“Perfect! Thank you for your support.”

—Walter Jeffrey 8-28-14

“... Just wanted to say thank you and BLESS YOU for being as wonderful as you are.... What a value you are to me.”

—Suzanne Coleman 8/14/14

“Bill, Thank you very much for your thorough work.”

—Michael Kojis 7/21/14

“Great Job Bill!!! .... Thank you for your time and prompt posting. ”

—Brenda Swanson 7/19/14

“You are awesome! Thank You!!! ”

—M. Cecil, Realtor 6/30/14

“Thank you!!! You always do a great job, our last couple of clients have had only great things to say about your work. Thank you for being a great part of our team. ”

—A Gonzalez 4/1/14

“Thanks Bill! The report is excellent! ”

—Marta Lonero 1/8/14

“Thank you so much - the report is so detailed and I really like the explanations. ”

—Asha Nuthi 12/6/13

“Thank you Bill. The report is very easy to follow and understand. It was a pleasure working with you. ”

—Jennifer Wheeler 7/28/13

“I had the pleasure of meeting Bill DiMasi when I had my own personal purchase inspected. He was absolutely fantastic and I would recommend him at any opportunity. It really was what a home inspection should be. He did the normal checks on the home, but then went through and explained all the structural and mechanical systems. Even for someone who was generally knowledgeable about such matters, I found it extremely helpful. ”

—Zachary Love 7/23/13

“Thank you so much Bill. It was great meeting you and I look forward to working with you more. ”

—Hedda Parashos 7/18/13

“Thank you very much for your help....You have done a great job and we truly appreciate your professionalism and quick turnaround”

—David Jimenez, US Army, from Afganistan 7/30/12

“I wanted to let you know that my clients were very satisfied with the inspection services you performed... We were all impressed with your thorough work and professionalism and I will use you again for future inspections”

—David L. Dailey, E2 Realty 6/1/12

“Thank you for the excellent inspection.”

—Karen Snow 1/2012

“I really appreciate the good job you did, and taking the time to show us everything you found. My wife's mom said you were the best house inspector she's ever seen! Thanks”

—Kevin Cockrell 8/8/11

“Thank you so much for getting our report back to us so quickly!! We were so pleased with your work and would definitely recommend you to friends and family”

—Vanessa & Joe McGonis 4/11/11

“…I have been meaning to pass along Home Inspector, Bill DiMasi's information. I would not go out of my way to do unless I was impressed with this guy. He has never asked me to refer him to other agents, nor does he have any idea I'm emailing you now to share his services with you. Bill has been very thorough with his inspections, onsite walk–throughs with clients, electronic reports provided the same day if not the next day at the latest, and his kids are San Diego Natives whom attended Valhalla High School…

On Veteran's Day my client's did a walk through with Bill after he completed a home inspection. Prior to the walk through, we were chatting with my client about his Marine Corp service and two deployments to Iraq putting him in the heart of the Battle of Falluja. Wrapping up the walk through, as my client handed Bill a check for his rendered services, Bill did not accept the check, thanked all of us for allowing him to do the inspection, then thanked my client for serving our country, and left. He left my clients and myself speechless standing in the middle of an occupied living room. Incredible!

Bill takes zero interest in the transaction providing the client exactly what they deserve.”

—Michael Ginn 12/8/10

“…You left Simon and Liset speechless today. I don't think Simon realized the impact of his service until your act of appreciation. Thank you. I look forward to reviewing the report. Thank you for today.”

—Michael 11/18/10

“…I recently bought a home and used Bill DiMasi. As you know I am a contractor, but I wanted another set of eyes on my investment. He did a great job for us. His website is and his phone number is 619–825–6871 . I know he will take good care of you. Please let me know if there is anything further I can do to assist you.”

—Marna Johnson 1/10/10

“Just wanted to say 'thank you' for your patient and thorough inspection of the home we are purchasing on Rosemary St. I've read the report found it to be just as thorough and complete!”

—Beth Metier 9/13/09

“Bill: I just downloaded the inspection report and I want to thank you for a very thorough job as well as report.”

—Michele Bustamante 7/12/09

“I want to express my appreciation for your quick professional work. I will be recommending you to my niece who will be purchasing a home in the next 2 months.”

—Jackie Brown 5/4/09

“Thanks Bill. Thanks for going back out there and checking the furnace. Great job. They really thought your inspection was worth the money. Karen almost opted to not have one. Steve always thought it was important but Karen didn't want to spend the money if they didn't have to. She was the first to say it was well worth it. ”

—Joe Colombo
Solid Rock Custom Builders